Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kids Museum

On April 18, the girls and I celebrated one of Savannah's last days of track-out (vacation) by playing at a local children's museum with our friends Emily and Felix. Savannah and Hadley spent two hours pretending, imagining, and dressing-up in different areas around the museum. They loved playing in an ambulance, shopping for groceries, racing cars, drawing pictures, playing hockey, pretending to make pizza...and so much more! Savannah and Hadley were having such a good time that they were sad to leave after two hours, but our parking meter had expired. Next time, we will stay and play at the museum for at least 3 hours!

Emily and Felix

Pretending to be a scientist

Shopping for fruits

Playing on the pirate ship

 Emily used the pulley to lift up Savannah:

An "I Love You" heart from Savannah

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