Sunday, May 15, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 3 (Gallery Wall)

This weekend Tal and I created a gallery wall in our bedroom!

We have lived with bare walls for 5.5 years, and we are so happy to FINALLY have some art, as well photos from our wedding and of our precious girls hanging in our bedroom:

For the gallery wall, I used frames and canvases that are size 11x14, 16x20, or 20x20. I bought white frames from Ikea and Michael's and ordered black and white photo canvases from Simple Canvas Prints. The art is from Minted.  (You can check out our design plan and all of the sources for our bedroom makeover here.)

I made templates out of craft paper, hung them with painter's tape, and rearranged them until I had a balanced display:

On each paper, I wrote notes to remind myself of the size and subject of each piece:

I wanted to ensure that each family member was fairly represented, so I included two wedding pictures, three sister pictures, and two individual pictures of Savannah and Hadley:

I used a level and Command velcro strips to hang the pictures and avoid damaging our wall with a dozen nail holes:

When I was ready to hang the pictures, I started with the bottom pictures and then worked my way up the wall:


Tal and I are making progress on our master bedroom makeover!

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