Monday, May 30, 2016

Hardwood Floors Upstairs: Part 1 (The Plan)

Today Tal picked up some materials for our next project...
installing 1,000 square feet of hardwood floors in the upstairs of our house!

Originally, we were going to install carpet in Savannah's bedroom, Hadley's bedroom, our bonus room, and guest bedroom. However, after collecting carpet samples and price quotes from a couple stores, Tal and I discovered that we could install hardwood floors for the about same price as carpet. However, Tal has to rip out and haul away the carpet, prep the floors, and install the hardwoods himself.

Removing the old carpet and laying new hardwoods will require more time and energy than getting carpet installed. However, Tal and I are excited about having hardwood floors (Classic Gunstock from Lumber Liquidators) throughout our entire house (except our bathrooms and laundry room).

Tal and I think that hardwood floors are a great choice for our family, especially since we have young children. With hardwood floors, we can wipe up spills and vacuum dirt easily. We can replace dirty or stained area rugs every few years (instead of living with stained carpet for 10-15 years).  Plus, hardwood floors will reduce the dust in our house, which will be better for Tal's allergies.

Today Tal picked up 15 cases of hardwoods for our bonus room. This week he is going to move out the furniture and rip out the carpet in the bonus room, so he can start prepping the floors for hardwoods. Stay tuned!

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