Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 Outdoor Updates: Part 7 (Phase 1 Reveal!)

Phase 1 of our 2016 landscaping makeover is done! When Tal started this project a couple months ago, our side yards were a mess. Some of the shrubs and trees were dead, dying, or overgrown. Some were prickly and hateful to maintain. Some trees were 10-20 feet tall, touched our house, and were challenging to prune. 


We decided to start over...just like we have done in our front and back yards over the last few years. To begin, Tal cut down the shrubs and trees, as well as dug up the stumps. Then, he put down landscape fabric for weed control. Next, he spread 3 truckloads of mulch in the landscaped areas around our house. Finally, Tal installed metal edging to contain the mulch and define the landscaped areas. 

Left Side Yard After
(Just ignore our trash cans and HVAC in the pics below. 
They're not attractive, but this is real life, y'all.)

The good news is that our new landscaped areas are low-maintenance and kid-friendly. Tal and I won't have to worry about prickly bushes hurting Savannah and Hadley. Also, our new bushes will grow to be 3-4 feet tall and will be easy for Tal to trim without using a ladder.

Right Side Yard After

Phase 1 of our landscaping makeover cost around $750, including 15 shrubs, landscaping fabric, 3 truckloads of mulch, and 160 feet of metal landscaping edging. 

Backyard After

Later this summer Tal is going to work on Phase 2 of our 2016 landscaping makeover. It includes building a 3-foot tall brick retaining wall in the back corner of our property (by the the play area) that will address some erosion and drainage issues that we have in that area. Stay tuned! 

Backyard After

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