Monday, January 25, 2016

Disney Vacation: Part 15 (Disney Recap)

This is my 15th (and final) post about Disney! I've finished editing all of the photos, but I forgot to include the ones below in previous posts:

Harper loves rubbing Hadley's bald head:

Harper and Savannah loved playing in their Mickey Mouse room:

To remember our Disney vacation, I created a collage below for each family, which I am going to print on canvases. To make the collages more meaningful, I personalized them for each family. For example, Benny and EJ's collage includes mostly pictures of Harper and their family.  

I hope the collage canvases bring happy memories of our Florida family vacation! Thanks again to Grandma Barbara for taking all 8 of us Disney!

 1. Benny and EJ

 2. Our Family

 3. Grandma Barbara

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