Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 House Goals

Over the last 5 years, Tal and I have made a lot of progress in improving and decorating our project at a time. We are always working on projects. Even when we are not actually doing projects, Tal and I are brainstorming ideas, researching products, reading tutorials, shopping for supplies, etc.

Since Tal and I finished painting our stairs last week, we have been prioritizing our house goals and crafting our home improvement budget for 2016:


  • paint interior doors
  • paint trim upstairs
  • paint and begin decorating guest bedroom
  • replace door hardware (levers, strike plates, and hinges) throughout house
  • rip out carpet and staples in the 3 bedrooms and bonus room upstairs
  • get new carpet installed in the 3 bedrooms and bonus room upstairs
  • buy and install TV above fireplace in our living room
  • move living room TV and install it in our master bedroom
  • move master bedroom TV and install it in our home gym
  • hire electrician to replace outdated chandeliers in entry and formal dining room
  • hire electrician to fix broken lights in garage, master closet, and Hadley's closet
  • paint upstairs loft cabinets and add new hardware
  • paint kitchen cabinets and add new hardware
  • update downstairs gallery wall to include pictures of Hadley and recent family photos
  • restyle living room bookcases
  • paint dresser and nightstand in master bedroom and move them to the guest bedroom
  • buy king-size bed and begin decorating master bedroom (bedding, headboard, dresser, nightstands, area rug, lamps, and wall decor)
  • buy living room furniture (couch, end tables, console table, and lamps)
  • buy bonus room furniture (couch, end tables, and lamps)
  • buy porch furniture
  • buy freezer for garage
One of our top priorities is to get new carpet installed in the our upstairs bonus room and 3 bedrooms. However, before we get new carpet, it makes sense to get all of the painting done first. We don't want to get paint on our new carpet. 

For that reason, over the next couple months, Tal and I will be working on a few tasks to get ready for our new carpet installation. We will be painting the trim upstairs, the guest bedroom, and all of the our interior doors. We also will be installing new hardware (levers, strike plates, and hinges) on all 25 of our doors when we take them off their hinges to paint them. Then, Tal and I will be ready to rip out the old carpet and order our new carpet!

Tal and I are excited to get started on our projects!

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