Saturday, December 19, 2015

Refinishing our Stairs: Part 1

Tal started refinishing our stairs today!

He ripped out the carpet on our stairs...

...and pulled out hundreds of staples:

Next, Tal and I are going wipe down the stairs, putty the holes 
and any other imperfections, and sand down the stairs.
The great news is that our stairs are in excellent condition!

Then, we are going to paint the treads black and the risers white. 
When we are done, our stairs should resemble the ones 
in the inspiration photo below (that I took on the Parade of Homes in October):

 For safety reasons, we will add this non-skid additive to our final coat of poly
to prevent anyone from slipping on the stairs:

Tal and I will keep you posted as we refinish our stairs!

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