Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Tonight the four of us celebrated our family Christmas. After eating dinner at the Carolina Ale House, we went back home where Savannah and Hadley opened their Christmas presents:

Below are the gifts that Savannah received from me, Tal, and Grandma Judy. Savannah doesn't play with toys much, but she loves drawing, building, creating, listening to music, and practicing her reading and math skills: 

1. Hello Kitty Nightgown--Savannah loves wearing nightgowns year-round, and this flannel one will keep her warm in the winter.

2. K'nex--An alternative to Legos. Great for creative building and play. 

3. TinkerToys--Another alternative to Legos. Great for building creativity and fine motor skills.

4. Washable Kids Paint in 10 Neon Colors--Savannah loves painting. With these paints, I don't have to worry about the paint ruining Savannah's clothes. 

5. Air Dry Clay--Over the last few weeks, Savannah has become very interested in modeling clay.Savannah is looking forward to making clay ornaments, hand imprints, and other creations. With Air Dry Clay, Savannah can reuse clay or leave it out to dry for 2-3 days. No kiln required! 

6. Paint Brushes--Great with Savannah's washable paints (above) or for painting her Air Dry Clay creations! 

7. Kidz Bop 30--Savannah loves listening to Kidz Bop in the car. She enjoys the popular music, and I appreciate the appropriate lyrics.

8. Dangle Earrings--Savannah asked for more dangle earrings!

9. Frozen Alarm Clock--Savannah asked for an alarm clock for Christmas. She wants to be responsible for getting up when her alarm clock goes off each morning.

10. Frozen Chapstick--Savannah loves Frozen and Chapstick. Win-win.

11. Reading and Math Workbooks--Savannah enjoys practicing her reading and math skills at home and in the car. 

Savannah (6) and Hadley (14 months) 

While Savannah was trying to open her present, 
Hadley climbed on top of the box:

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