Friday, December 25, 2015

Random iPhone Photos

These photos are dark, blurry, and untouched, 
but they capture everyday moments that I want to remember forever.

September 2015
Hadley (11 months) ate watermelon for the first time!

November 2015
Hadley (13 months) loves to put my phone on her ear 
and pretend to talk on the phone:

November 2015
Playing on the monkey bars at the
 park on a warm afternoon after school

December 2015
Savannah's Elfie Selfie

December 2015
The day we ordered Savannah's first pair of glasses!

December 2015
This is Hadley and her babysitter Yu. Thanks to Yu for taking care of  Hadley every day for the last 10 months. We will miss Yu when she starts her new job. Grandma Judy will be taking care of Hadley and Savannah from January 5-22. Starting on January 25, Yu's mother-in-law Hiroko will take of Hadley while Tal and I are at work.

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