Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day Trip

Yesterday the four of us took a day trip to visit Tal's family in Salter Path, which is 3 hours from our home. We left at 7 A.M. and were home at 4 P.M. We packed a lot into the day, but we enjoyed seeing everyone!

Hanging Out at Gran's House:

We visited Tal's grandma (Gran) who spent Thursday night in the hospital but thankfully came home on Friday. Yesterday Gran was feeling better and in good spirits. 

Gran and Hadley (10 months)

Hadley loved playing with the beach ball...

...and wearing Grandma Barbara's hat:

Savannah tried on Grandma Barbara's hat, too!

Uncle Benny, Gran, and Hadley 

Savannah and Uncle Benny

Tal was playing some songs on his phone: 

Hadley thought it was hilarious to touch Daddy's hair:

Daddy's Girls

Savannah was so proud of her seashell collection at Grandma Barbara's house:
She spent a long time rearranging the shells on Grandma's porch railing:

 We ate lunch at Benny and EJ's house, 
where Hadley played on the trampoline for the first time:

Savannah used flashcards to help her cousin Harper learn her letters:

Hadley rode the "roller coaster" in Harper's play room:

Hadley snuggled on Uncle Benny's lap:

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