Saturday, September 5, 2015

Whale Wall Art

Over the last couple months, Tal and I have been updating our entry:


So far, we have hung family photos and artwork along the staircase and at the top of the stairs:

Also, we have stained our front door brown... well as stained our stair banisters and railings black (more pictures coming soon!):

Today we hung this whale wall art above our front door:

I like how it reinforces the coastal vibe in our home: 

The whale includes several colors (white, light blue, lime green, and turquoise) in our home's color scheme and makes our home feel more cohesive since it is visible from the upstairs and downstairs:

In the coming months, Tal and I hope to replace the light in our entry, as well as the carpet on the stairs
...and then our entry makeover will be done!  

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