Saturday, August 1, 2015

Painted Garage Doors

Today's project was a family affair! We had fun painting our garage doors and house numbers. What a difference a can of paint makes...our house instantly feels more updated!

Our garage doors are 15 years old. Over the years the doors have gotten scuffed and dented (but still work perfectly fine thankfully):

The doors were starting to show their age. However, new doors can be expensive, so Tal and I decided "if it's not broke, don't fix it."

Instead, we used some leftover paint from when Tal painted our bay windows a few weeks ago:

Tal and I used a 4-in foam roller for 95% of the painting and an angled brush for tight spots and touch-ups. 
It was an easy project that took 3 hours from start to finish: 

Previously, our aluminum doors were white, but today we painted the trim and doors a cream color that complements the siding on the side of our house. 

(Hadley took a nap in her stroller while we were painting)

To most people, the change is probably subtle. To us, however, our garage doors look brand new! 

Today Tal and I also updated our gold house numbers:

With some leftover spray paint, I painted the numbers and nails black:

Now our house numbers are more visible from the street:

The best part is that our garage door makeover was FREE! We had all of the paint and supplies in our garage, so this project didn't cost us anything!


 This was the first time Tal and I worked on a DYI project with the girls since Hadley was born 9 months ago...and we loved spending quality family time outdoors!


Machelle Ledoux said...

The cream color on the garage beautifully complements the trim. Pairing warm, light colors with dark brick is a great way to create contrast while maintaining a neutral look. When painting aluminum siding and doors, using a scraping tool to remove any chalky debris from the old coat before priming is a great way to create a smooth canvas for the new paint. It not only looks good but helps the paint last longer as well.

Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

Greg Marshall said...

I love that the kids were involved. I like involving my kids in my do-it-myself ventures too, even if they’re just holding a screw or a paintbrush. LOL. They love it and it makes them feel important when I let them help with little things like that. I like building those kinds of memories with them and I know your kids will remember when they helped Daddy paint the numbers on the garage!

Greg Marshall @ Crawford Door of WNY Inc.

Giovanni said...

You would be surprised how those little black marks really take away from the beauty of the exterior of the house. I recently painted the trim white, took about half an hour. You would think I painted whole house, several neighbors came by and commented how beautiful the front of our house looks. Little things often get the biggest impact.

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware