Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lazy Summer Day

Today our family enjoyed a lazy summer day with Grandma Barbara at Falls Lake! 

As usual, we set up our beach chairs and blanket under the shade of the pine trees on the beach:

Hadley was sleeping when we arrived, so Grandma Barbara held our baby girl until she woke up:

Savannah loved riding on Tal's back...

...and digging up sand:

Hadley loved splashing in the water with Tal...

...and giggling when Tal lifted her up and down in the water:

For some reason, Hadley preferred swimming on her tummy 
and even put her face in the water a few times:

Daddy's Girl

Tal helped Hadley walk in the water... 

...and then Hadley walked by herself: 

...and ate some sand:

Savannah built a pine cone sand castle:

 After swimming, Hadley ate a Goldfish cracker...

...and played peekaboo and patty cake with Grandma Barbara in the shade:

What a wonderfully, relaxing summer day with family!

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