Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roll Out the Carpet

My friend Emily took the photo below and made me promise to put it on the blog so "my family can see me in action."

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. In case you didn't believe it, here I am as a bona fide children's librarian. :-)

Also, Tonia and I wanted to show off our new storytime rug that we purchased with our Book Fair profits.

Not only is the rug colorful, but it serves a practical purpose as well. Now every student has his/her own square. Countless times each day I say, "Make sure you're in your square with your legs criss-crossed, your hands in your lap, and a marshmallow in your mouth."

Also, I now can dismiss students by the color of their row. For instance, I say, "The red row can go to their tables." It's amazing how a rug can do wonders for my classroom management!

My spacious purple and turquoise library

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