Saturday, May 12, 2018

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from this week.

I found this pic of Savannah on my phone:

Shopping at Home Depot

Savannah loved wearing her new outfit from Grandma Barbara!

On Tuesday, Tal and I voted in the primary elections in my library at school. We voted for candidates that were pro-life and supported religious freedom, traditional marriage, and lower taxes:

At school, Savannah was excited to discover a picture of her excellent basketball skills during P.E.:

On Tuesday afternoon, the girls and I loved going to the free slime event at the public library in our neighborhood: 

The girls each made three bags of slime: glitter slime, pink slime, and blue slime:

How to make slime:

Mixing the water and glue

Stirring in the corn starch

Glitter Slime

Pink Slime

Blue Slime

Hadley washed dishes in her underwear:

This week Savannah finished chapter book #16...

and #17!

On Thursday night, the girls and I had a girls night, while Tal and his brother Benny attended the Blackberry Smoke concert. We played in the mall play area and visited a couple stores, as well as played and ate dinner at McDonald's:

At Barnes and Noble, Hadley held her four babies:

Hadley played with trains, while Savannah looked at books at Barnes and Noble:

On Friday night, Tal and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary by going downtown to Friday Night on White, which is held the 2nd Friday of each month. We set-up our beach chairs in the street, ate Bojangle's for dinner, listened to live music, ate a sno-cone, and got some free stuff from local vendors:

It was a hot evening with temps in the 90's, so the girls tried to stay cool by eating a sno-cone:

Hadley got her face painted with a rainbow:

Since Savannah got her roller skates for Easter, she has been skating in our garage almost every afternoon:

On Saturday morning, the girls and I went to family storytime at the public library in our neighborhood. All of the stories and songs focused on the letter "F:"

The girls loved feeding Hadley's Baby Alive doll, watching her go pee, and changing her dirty diaper:

I'm convinced that Hadley is a natural-born mother. She is so gentle with her babies:

Hadley hid inside her blanket fort in our living room:

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The Krispee Krem looks like a slime, very yummy.