Monday, March 20, 2017

Harper Grace's 4th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to my niece Harper Grace who turns 4 on March 23! 
On Saturday, our family took a day trip to Benny and EJ's house to celebrate Harper's birthday:

EJ did a beautiful job decorating Harper's party in a Disney Princess theme:

The Birthday Girl!

Harper and Savannah struck a pose!

Benny and EJ served food fit for a princess:

Snow White's Apples, Olaf's Noses (Carrots), Anna's Snowballs (Donuts):

Charming's Golden Nuggets (Chick-fil-a nuggets), Cinderella's Midnight Kisses (Hershey's Kisses), Sleeping Beauty's Pillows (Marshmallows), Ariel's Fish Friends (Goldfish Crackers):

Walmart made Harper's beautiful birthday cake:

Harper kept saying, "Thank you, Mommy, for my cake. I love my princess cake:"

Harper showed her friend her cake:

EJ transformed their dining room into a photo booth and gift exchange:

Princess Photo Booth

Cara and Savannah in the Photo Booth

Princess Savannah

Princesses Carly, Harper, and Savannah

Princess Cara

Princess Harper and Princess Savannah

Princess Harper

Cara and Savannah

Harper and Cara

Tal and his mom Grandma Barbara

Gran, Grandaddy, and Benny

Benny and EJ

EJ's Family

Great Grandaddy and Alice

Grandma Barbara and Savannah

Grandma Barbara with Harper and Savannah

Hadley got kisses from Grandma Barbara:

Happy Hadley

Hadley got kisses from Aunt EJ:

Uncle Benny played with Hadley:

Hadley napped on Uncle Benny:

Uncle Kenny brought hush puppies to Harper's party because Harper enjoys them so much:

Hadley and Harper loved eating hush puppies from Uncle Kenny:

Cinderella made an appearance at the party:

Harper hugged Cinderella

Harper showed Cinderella the Cinderella figurine on her birthday cake:

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Harper:

Yummy Cake

Eating the birthday cake:

Playing Pop the Pig

Harper got birthday kisses from Daddy:

Below is a sneak peek of Harper's new playset in the backyard:

Uncle Benny, Uncle Kenny, and Grandma Barbara built Harper's playset as a birthday gift:

Gift Exchange:

Harper's Gifts:

Harper loved her birthday gift from Grandma Barbara:

For Harper's birthday gift, I framed the monogrammed outfit that she wore home from the hospital four years ago:

Party Favors

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