Saturday, March 25, 2017

Entry Makeover: Roshan Light Blue Area Rug

Over the last two years, Tal and I have updated our entry by removing our carpeted stairs, painting our stairs black and white, staining the banisters black, and hanging art and photos along the staircase:


This week I replaced our blue and white trellis rug (shown above), which had gotten stained and dingy over the last four years. I selected the Roshan Light Blue Area Rug from Wayfair. I put a 5x8 rug in the entry and a 2x10 runner in the hallway. The rug has a dark, subtle pattern (with minimal white) that will hide dirt and stains but won't compete with the other colors and patterns in our entry and adjoining rooms:

The overall color is teal, but there are hints of light blue, navy, and indigo that coordinate nicely with our home's color scheme:

View from our front door

Eventually, Tal and I would like to replace the outdated gold light fixture in our entry, and then our entry makeover will be complete!

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