Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Decluttering Challenge: Part 5 (Mud Room Cabinets)

As part of my 2016 Decluttering Challenge, I purged and organized our kitchen mudroom cabinets and cubbies:



To get started, I removed everything from the cabinets. Then, I grouped similar items, put them in several plastic shoeboxes and drawer containers from Wal-Mart, and labeled the contents with my label maker:

The left cabinet contains mostly office supplies (manila folders, address labels, stickers, staples, paint chips, batteries, punchers, command strips, paper clips, stamps, checks, calculators, tape, stapler, envelopes, pens, scissors, white-out, and rubber bands):

The middle cabinet has craft paint, spray paint, extension cords, furniture movers, kids' paint, and greeting cards:

The right cabinet has light bulbs, cookbooks, lighters, matches, flashlights, fireworks, lint roller, magnifying glass, camera, camera charger, and lint roller:

 I also purged this storage container that had been sitting on our kitchen counter for months. I originally thought the container would be a great way to organize Savannah's markers and colored pencils, but the sections were too deep. After I cleaned out the storage container, I donated it to Goodwill, so it wouldn't become a clutter magnet again in the future:

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