Monday, September 19, 2016

Crisis Averted

Over the weekend, our family discovered that Hadley (who will be 2 years old on October 10) is allergic to shrimp (and maybe all shellfish). While our family was eating jambalaya for dinner, Hadley immediately broke out in red welts all over her body. Her eyes got red and swollen. Hadley started rubbing her tummy and arms like she was itchy. She kept sticking out her tongue. Then, she vomited several times. 

Although Hadley hadn't eaten any shrimp for dinner, she had an allergic reaction when she ate the rice and sausage that was mixed in with the shrimp. 

Tal and I gave Hadley some Benadryl, and her symptoms disappeared quickly. Thankfully, Hadley didn't have trouble breathing, so we didn't have to call 911. However, from now on, we will have read food labels carefully and be extra careful when we eat at restaurants.

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Jamie said...

Poor Baby! We are allergic to shell fish too.