Sunday, September 11, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 6 (Gallery Wall Changes)

In May, I created a gallery wall in our bedroom that includes some art, as well as photos from our wedding and of our girls:

However, the right side of the gallery wall felt unbalanced to me, so a couple weeks later, I made a few changes to the wall. On the right side, I took down the shell canvas, hung Savannah's 18-month pictures (which had been in the closet), and adjusted the placement of three pictures. I also hung Savannah's 1-year old pictures under the TV to disguise the TV wires. With the new arrangement, I think the TV feels like a piece of artwork and makes the wall more balanced. Plus, I'm glad to have Savannah's baby pictures hanging in our house (where I can enjoy them) opposed to hiding in a closet. 


The gallery wall is at the foot of our bed. Here's a look at the rest of our room:

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