Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hallway Gallery Wall: Part 1 (Right Side)

A couple weeks ago, I removed the gallery wall in our downstairs hallway (which was one of my 2016 House Goals). I loved the photos and the display, but it was time for an update. The pictures were 3 years old, and none of them included Hadley:

Last week I created an updated gallery wall on the right side of the hallway:

To get started, I made templates out of craft paper, hung them with painter's tape, and then rearranged them until I had a balanced display:

This time around, I used larger prints and frames, which resulted in fewer pictures on the gallery wall. The gallery wall includes five 11x14 prints, five 8x10 prints, and eight 5x7 prints, and two 4x6 prints. I put the photos in white gallery frames from Ikea and Michael's:

Like usual, I ensured that family members (including Savannah, Hadley, Grandma Barbara, Grandma Judy, my niece Harper, my niece Mya, etc.) were fairly represented on the wall. I also mixed in a few oldie photos of Savannah because she loves to see her baby photos around the house:

I used a level and Command Velcro strips to hang the pictures and avoid damaging our wall with dozens of nail holes:

When I was ready to hang the pictures, I started with the middle bottom picture. Then, I hung other pictures on the bottom row and then moved to the next row. I left a finger's width between most photos:

I think the overall effect is beautiful, planned, and organized. Over the next couple weeks, I will be planning and hanging photos on the opposite wall!

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