Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Vacation: Part 2 (Lunch with a View)

This week the girls and I are on summer vacation with my mom and niece Mya! We spent three days  at Wrightsville Beach, where we relaxed and swam, as well as soaked up some sun and girl time. When we arrived on the island, the 5 of us walked on the beach and ate lunch at The Oceanic, which offers yummy food and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.   

Cousinly Love at The Oceanic Pier:
Mya (12), Hadley (21 months), and Savannah (7) 

Savannah and Mya held Hadley's hands and tried swinging her:

Mya showed off her impressive gymnastics skills!

Grandma Judy and her 3 Grand Girls:
Mya, Savannah, and Hadley

3 Generations:
My mom and I with Savannah and Hadley

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