Sunday, September 6, 2015

Home Gym Wall Art

Ever since I painted our home gym two years ago (Royal Palm by Olympic), I've been searching for large wall decor (art, mirrors, etc.) at a reasonable price to decorate this big and tall wall:

Tal and I want our gym to make positive first impression since it's one of the first rooms that guests see when they enter our home. Our goal has been to keep the room simple and uncluttered but to decorate it with coordinating paint, curtains, and artwork, so that it flows with the rest of our home:

A couple weeks ago, I was thrilled to find these two identical 30 x 60 canvas art panels at Homegoods. (The paintings were so long--5 ft--that I had to fold down the seats in our Expedition to get them home.)

Our new paintings add some interest to our gym, as well as ties in nicely with our whole-house color scheme:

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