Monday, December 13, 2010

Primed for Success

Thanks to Tal's mom and brother who helped us prime SIX rooms on Saturday and Sunday:

1. In Savannah's bedroom, we applied two coats of primer to cover the Peter Cottontail mural:

2. In the office/guest bedroom, it took two coats of Kilz to hide the forest mural and tire tracks around the room:

3. In the other guest bedroom, Tal's mom Barbara spent about five hours on Saturday removing the border before we primed the room:

4. In the half bathroom, Tal applied an oil-based primer to hide the palm tree wallpaper:

5. Last week, Tal spent 3 evenings/9 hours removing the wallpaper from one wall in the kitchen. After that, we decided it was easier and faster to paint over the wallpaper. On Sunday, Tal, Barbara, and I covered the green striped wallpaper in the kitchen with an oil-based primer:

6. In the bonus room, Tal filled LOTS of holes and sanded before we primed the room:

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Brenda said...

WOW! You are workhorses!