Sunday, January 31, 2010

Savannah's First Snowfall!

We don't get much snow in NC. However, on Friday night and all day Saturday, we received 5 inches of snow. Our family is thankful that we didn't have an ice storm or lose our power. Over the last two days, we've enjoyed sleeping, cleaning, and playing inside. Tal spent several hours today cleaning off our cars and shoveling our sidewalks.

Today I bundled up Savannah, and she played in the snow for the first time! Savannah sat in the snow for a couple minutes before she decided to touch it and crawl around. Much to my surprise, Savannah didn't put any snow in her mouth! :-)

I'm predicting that school will be canceled on Monday due to lingering snow and icy roads. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to go to school on Saturday. Since I teach at a year-round school, we have to make-up snow days on Saturdays. Ugh! However, I'm thankful for these snow days because I can spend some extra time with Savannah.

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