Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Vacation 2017: Part 4 (Day 2 at Wrightsville Beach)

On our second day at Wrightsville Beach, we were blessed with sunny blue skies and 75-degree weather. My mom, Mary, and I were content to sit in our beach chairs, look at the ocean waves, and watch the girls play in the sand and collect seashells for several hours: 

Grandma Judy walked to the end of the island and collected two handfuls of big seashells:

Grandma Judy and Savannah (8)

Hadley helped Grandma Judy put the big seashells in a bag:

Grandma Judy, Hadley, and Savannah sat in the shallow water, where they played in the sand and giggled when the ocean waves washed over their legs:

Grandma Judy and Hadley (almost 3)

After Savannah and Hadley accidentally dropped a few of their snacks in the sand, they threw them to the seagulls, who were eager to eat the girls' crackers:

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