Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall Vacation 2017: Part 1 (Parade of Homes)

I'm thankful to be on vacation this week while Savannah is tracked-out from school and while my mom and her friend Mary are visiting us from Illinois.

Yesterday all of us girls went on the Parade of Homes. We toured 10 new homes in two different neighborhoods. The Parade of Homes is one of my favorite (and free!) annual events. Nearly 200 new homes in our county are open for public viewing. The homes we visited ranged in price from $300,000 to $3.3 million.

Grandma Judy, Mary, 
Savannah, Hadley, and Liza (Savannah's friend who lives in the house behind ours)

Of all the houses we toured, the one below was our favorite. It was 3,200 square feet and listed for $650,000. The layout and design choices (including the lighting, bath fixtures, and shiplap) were beautiful and on-trend:

Our second favorite house was more modest. It had 2,800 square feet and was priced in the $300,000s. We loved the cathedral ceilings and natural light, as well as the open kitchen, dining, and living areas:

In the house below, the designer used pink and gold touches to create a feminine and glam style:

Outside one of the houses, the YMCA was selling raffle tickets for a chance to win this adorable play house below:

The house included a turquoise front door and a shiplap ceiling. Savannah, Hadley, and Liza LOVED playing in the kitchen and reading books inside the play house:

Going on the Parade of Homes with Savannah, Hadley, and Liza was an adventure. The girls pretended they were washing their hair in the shower:

They enjoyed playing with the staged items (which we returned to their original locations before we left):

They discovered secret the small door in the master closet where you could drop your dirty clothes in the laundry room:

Liza and Savannah squeezed into the bottom of the linen closet:

The last two homes we toured were in a million-dollar neighborhood. Both homes were crowded with looky-loos (like us) who wanted to see the upscale features. This home was priced at $3.3 million dollars:

My favorite part of the house was the waterfall feature in the pool:

The last house was priced at $1.9 million dollars. It had some beautiful features, but I disagreed with some of the design decisions, such as the Jack and Jill bathroom and several craft rooms. I might be wrong, but if someone could afford this house, I don't think they would want to share a bathroom or use the craft rooms for sewing or wrapping presents. Even though I didn't agree with all of the design choices, I still had a great time touring the house!

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