Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kitchen Mudroom: Part 1

I love our house, but I have always wished it had a mudroom. We don't have a designated spot for jackets or backpacks. As a result, our kitchen counters and bar stools have become dumping grounds for bags and coats. 

The good news is that this weekend Tal started building a mudroom in our kitchen! 
In August, Tal and Uncle Kenny ripped out the built-in desk/office area in our kitchen 
to make way for our new hardwood floors: 

Tal offered to build me a mudroom with beadboard, coat hooks, and shoe cubbies: 

This week Tal is going to put the finishing touches on the mudroom by 
caulking the seams, puttying the nails, and installing the corner molding:

Then, I am going to stain and poly the top of the top of the bench ebony black
and then paint everything else white before Tal installs the coat hooks:

Tal and I are looking forward to having an organized spot for our coats, bags, and shoes! 
Stay tuned!

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