Sunday, June 14, 2015

Random iPhone Photos

These photos are dark, blurry, and untouched, 
but they capture everyday moments that I want to remember forever.

June 2015
Last week the girls and I tried to visit Tal at work, but he was stuck in a meeting. 
Instead, Savannah blew kisses at Daddy's truck in the parking lot and texted him this picture.

June 2015
Hadley (7 months) and Savannah driving the "car" at Home Depot:

June 2015
Savannah created a timeline with 5 of her favorite events 
from the past year for her final kindergarten project:

May 2015
Tal helps Hadley (7 months) learn to walk!

April 2015
Hadley (5 months) drinking her bottle in my arms:

March 2015
Hadley (5 months) sitting in a high chair for the first time!

March 2015
Savannah and Hadley (5 months) are asleep in my arms:

March 2015
My girls take a nap in my arms:

February 2015
Hadley (4 months) and Savannah staying up late and waiting for snow to come.
(We got some snow, and we didn't have school the next day.)

February 2015
The weight of the snow caused our trees to bend 
(but thankfully they bounced back):

February 2015
Napping with Hadley (3 months)

February 2015
Napping with Hadley (3 months)

Savannah sleeping (date unknown)

Mommy and Savannah's hands

Savannah's selfie (2 or 3 years old?)

Savannah's selfie

Savannah and Mommy

Savannah's plane ride to Grandma Judy's house

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