Saturday, June 6, 2015

Decked Out: Part 1

Tal ripped out our old deck today!





He spent about 7 hours removing the boards in our top and bottom decks:

 Tal was hot, sweaty, and exhausted when he finished:

Our deck was 15 years old. 
It was warped, splintered, and uneven:

You might remember that part of our deck railing 
was damaged when our built-in grill collapsed 5 months ago:

Instead of repairing the railing, 
Tal and I decided it was time to invest in a new deck:

For that reason, this summer Tal will be building us a new deck (while I'm on baby duty):

To save time and money, 
we will be keeping the existing framing, which is in good shape:

Tal will be putting down 40 new deck boards, as well as rebuilding the railing, 
staining the deck, and installing lattice around the upper deck. Stay tuned! 

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