Monday, January 26, 2015

Shopping Spree

Mr.Craig, our family friend, generously gave Savannah and Hadley $100 each for Christmas. Instead of putting the money in the bank, he requested that we buy something special for our special girls. Today I took Savannah to Target, where she spent over an hour picking out the items below (which totaled $99.23):

1. Savannah, who LOVES playing games, bought Connect 4 and Doc McStuffins Operation. (We played several rounds of each game this afternoon.)

2. Savannah's headphones broke recently, so she picked out these black sequined Hello Kitty headphones.

3. In December, Savannah withdrew from ballet (which proved to be too slow and boring for our high energy girl) and started taking tumbling lessons a few weeks ago. Today Savannah selected the pink and blue leotard to wear to her weekly tumbling class.

4. Savannah, who is a girly girl, was THRILLED to find these glittery Disney Frozen shoes with HIGH HEELS.

5. With the leftover money, we bought Savannah three pairs of leggings that she can wear under the dresses that Grandma Barbara gave Savannah for Christmas.

Savannah calls these her Frozen tap shoes:

She loves to put on her headphones
 and tap dance on the fireplace mantel:

Savannah was so excited to wear her new leotard to tumbling today: 

Savannah and I had lots of fun shopping at Target today.
Thanks to Mr. Craig for his kindness and generosity!

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