Saturday, January 31, 2015

Girls Weekend

From January 8-16, the downstairs of our house was freezing at 55 degrees because our heat was broken. Thankfully, our upstairs was a warm 73 degrees. For 9 days, the four of us slept upstairs and were confined to our 200 sq. ft. bonus room for playing and watching TV. Needless to say, our family felt like we were on an episode of Tiny House Nation...although our situation could have been much worse. 

After a week without heat, the girls and I started to feel a bit cramped and stir crazy. For that reason, over the MLK holiday, we left Tal at home and visited Grandma Barbara in Salter Path for a few days. Believe it or not, it was the first time that I had driven to Salter Path by myself in the nearly 8 years that Tal and I have been married. 

Savannah, Hadley, and I enjoyed relaxing, eating, and shopping with family. Then, on MLK Day, Hadley and I headed home, while Savannah stayed with Grandma Barbara for the rest of the week during her track-out.

Savannah and Hadley acting silly and snuggling with Grandma Barbara

Grandma Barbara with Hadley and Harper

Hadley (3 months)

Gran and Hadley

Hadley loves hitting the rings and toys on this playmat that Benny and EJ loaned us:

Early morning snuggles with cousins

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