Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curb Appeal Chronicles: Part 5

Over the last 2.5 months, Tal and I have been updating our home's curb appeal with new bushes and mulch.

On Saturday, Tal and I spent 7 hours digging up trees and pulling weeds, as well as laying landscape fabric and spreading mulch.
Here's what our yard looks like today:

In the flower bed to the right of our front steps, 
Tal and I pulled weeds and then laid landscape fabric: 

On the side of our house, several trees were overgrown 
from lack of maintenance over the last few years: 


Tal removed 4 overgrown trees, which will give the 
remaining trees plenty of space to flourish.


At the yard waste landfill, our family dumped all of our yard debris...

...and got a truckload of mulch. 

For a couple hours, Tal and I worked together to rake 
the mulch into the wheelbarrow and dump it in the flower bed 
and on the side of the house:

 This evening, Tal dug 4 holes and planted the 
boxwood and gardenia bushes below:

Now our 2012 curb appeal project is...done! 
Stay tuned for photos of our final reveal!

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