Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, There is a Santa Claus!

Last week Savannah asked Santa to bring her a bicycle for Christmas:

Look what was waiting for Savannah on Christmas morning: 
a pink princess bicycle with her name, tassels, and flower pedals, 
as well as a bell, basket, and baby carrier. 

Savannah was a happy girl!

Savannah kept saying: 
"Look, Daddy, I got a bicycle. That's my bicycle."

Savannah still needs lots of practice before she can ride her bicycle independently. 
For that reason, Gran, Tal, and Uncle Benny all took turns pushing 
Savannah on her bicycle while we were in Salter Path on Christmas. 

Gran and Savannah

Daddy and Savannah

Uncle Benny and Savannah

Savannah's pink princess helmet

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