Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Blessings

This Christmas was extra-special. This was the first Christmas that Savannah talked about Santa, pretty lights, and Jesus's birthday. 

Savannah loved the princess bike that Santa delivered to our house on Christmas morning:


Learning how to get on and off a bike

Savannah and Daddy


Savannah and Mommy

In addition to her bicycle, Savannah also received some new books and CD's:

I wrapped all of Savannah's presents in princess paper:

Savannah did a great job ripping off the wrapping paper:

After opening presents at our house, we dropped in to see Savannah's Great Grandaddy Anderson on our way to Salter Path:
Great Grandaddy Anderson, Tal, and Savannah
3 Generations

Then, we drove to Salter Path for lunch and presents with our precious family:

Grandaddy and Savannah

Savannah and Uncle Kenny

Brandi and Gran

Grandma and Savannah
Aunt EJ and Savannah

Uncle Kenny and Gran

Tal and Savannah

Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ

Tal, Savannah, and Aunt EJ

 Savannah was showered with love and gifts:

Laptop from Uncle Kenny

Princess Necklace

Stocking Stuffers

A piggy bank from Aunt EJ and Uncle Benny

On Christmas Day, Savannah collected over $3.00 in change 
from family members (mostly from Aunt EJ).
When she has enough money, Savannah wants to ride 
the train at the mall, get ice cream, or buy a new toy.

Playing in an empty box

A Princess Phone from Gran and Grandaddy

Princess Shoes that Light Up from Grandma Barbara

Rain Boots from Grandma Barbara


Chef's Costume from Uncle Benny and Aunt EJ

Ready to Cook

Walking in Grandma Barbara's High Heels

"A Year of Savannah Pictures" calendar
(Savannah's gift to Gran, Grandaddy, and Grandma Barbara)

Walking Baby at Gran's House

Wearing Daddy's Sunglasses

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