Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fireside Chat

This is what our living room looked like last week. Even with our new floors and furniture, our 22-year old red brick fireplace with its brass door seemed outdated.

For that reason, last weekend I spruced up our fireplace with some paint.
Originally, I was planning to paint our fireplace white. However, once I applied the primer, I realized that the white color was too stark for our small living room.

For that reason, I painted our fireplace beige (Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige #3008-10A) to blend in with our walls and furnishings. I love the results!

1 comment:

bonnie az said...

I love your updated painted fireplace and I would like to do the same with mine. What is the color of the wall? The colors coordinate so well together.