Saturday, June 12, 2010

16 Months Old!

I am 16 months old!

When Daddy holds out his hand,
I can "give him five."

I like to blow kisses to Mommy
and Daddy.

I like to sit on the shelf inside the fridge.

I like to carry my purse around the house.
I play with the zippers and take items in and out.

When Mommy says that it's time
to go bye-bye, I grab my
purse--just like Mommy.

I like to show off my belly button.
I can also point to my
nose, eyes, ears, hair, and teeth.

I like to play in my pool on hot days.

When Mommy gives me a spoon,
I love to bang on the trash can,
doors, and pots and pans.

I understand a lot that Mommy and Daddy say to me.
Mommy says, "Are you hungry, Savannah?"
I walk over to my high chair and lift up my arms.

When Mommy gives me a wet rag,
I wash my hands, face, and hair.
I also like to clean the floors.

I'm learning how to show Mommy and Daddy what I want.
When I'm thirsty, I point to my sippy cup.

I loved sitting and playing in Grandma Barbara's
sink over Memorial Day weekend.

When Mommy says, "Savannah give me your pacifer,"
I hand it to Mommy (most of the time).

When Mommy says, "Savannah bring me a book,"
I pick out a book. I take it Mommy, and she reads to me.

Sometimes Mommy says,
"Savannah bring me your shoes. We're going bye-bye."
I pick up my shoes, and Mommy helps me put them on.

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