Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day in the Park

Today Grandma Judy and I took Savannah and Hadley to a beautiful local park:

We spent about 3 hours playing on the playground, 
as well as riding on the train, kiddie boats, and carousel:

Grandma Judy and Hadley (6 months old)

At the park, we joined my lifelong friend Amanda,
as well as her mom Linda and 5-month old son Tyson 
(who is a month younger than Hadley):

It was fun catching up with Amanda and her mom! 

Amanda, Linda, Tyson, Savannah, Grandma Judy, and Hadley


Kiddie Boats

 Train around the park

Aren't Hadley's feet precious?!

Savannah with the book character Olivia the pig:


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