Monday, August 25, 2014

32 Weeks!

Everything looked great when I went to the OB today for my 32-week appointment. My weight and blood pressure were normal. My iron levels were still a bit low, so the doctor suggested that I take my prenatal vitamin and iron supplement at different times during the day.

The baby's heartbeat was normal in the 140's. My belly measured 33 cm, which is right on track for being 32-33 weeks pregnant.

Due to my gestational diabetes, the doctor said I'll probably be induced at 39-40 weeks, which means that Hadley will be born October 8-15. On September 22 (when I'm 36-37 weeks pregnant), I'll have a growth ultrasound to check Hadley's weight.  Based on Hadley's weight, the doctor will set a date for my least that's the plan right now.

I'm believing for a good report when I go to the OB again on September 8!

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