Monday, May 23, 2011


Last Saturday night, Tal, Savannah, and I were thrilled to celebrate Benny and EJ's engagement in Salter Path. 

We're looking foward to December 10, 2011 when Tal's brother Benny marries EJ!

Before the engagement party, Savannah and I dropped off Tal at the golf course, where he played a round of golf with Benny.

Savannah's shirt says, "If you think I'm kool, you should meet my Uncle Benny."
Savannah loves her Uncle Benny!

While Tal and Benny played golf, Savannah and I visited Grandma Barbara who was helping with Relay for Life. The event raised over $114,000 for the American Cancer Society!

Savannah loved riding and "driving" the golf cart with Grandma Barbara... well as eating cotton candy for the first time!

Here's our happy Savannah on our trip back home after a full and fun weekend:

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Brenda said...

Wow! That is great news! Congratulations to Benny and EJ!

Such cute photos! Easy when you have such a sweet little one to point your camera at . . . and the adults are happy subjects as well.

I look forward to hearing about your date with Amy, Andy and family.