Monday, March 28, 2011

In the Mail!

Today I mailed my National Boards portfolio! This little ol' box doesn't look like much. However, it cost $2,500 and took me around 500 hours and nearly 1 year to complete.

It contains nearly 129 pages of writing and artifacts (which is more than my master's thesis--which was only 52 pages) that (hopefully) prove that I'm an excellent teacher.

However, all of my hard work will pay off when I earn my National Boards certification and get a 12% pay raise!

Over the last three months, Tal has watched Savannah for 6-8 hours every Saturday and Sunday, so I could write at Panera or McDonald's. He's also done all of the cooking, grocery shopping, and laundry. Tal has sacrificed golfing, yard work, and watching sports, so I could work on National Boards.

During the next two months, I'll be studying for the National Boards assessment, which is a 3-hour writing test that I'll take on June 9. 

In November, I'll find out if I passed my portfolio and asssement!

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