Saturday, January 1, 2011

Painting Party

Yippee! On Monday, Tal and I finished painting every wall in our 3,200 square foot house (minus the closets).

It took us 8 days to paint 11 rooms plus the entryway, stairway, and hallways.

Although Tal and I worked really hard, we couldn't have painted our house so quickly without Tal's mom. We owe a big thanks to Grandma Barbara who kept Savannah for two weeks, so Tal and I could paint after work and on the weekends.

For paint colors, Tal and I chose soft shades of blue, green, cream, and tan. To unify the color palette, we repeated the colors throughout the house. We wanted to avoid having our house look like a rainbow--with a different color in every room. The next step is to bring in some color, pattern, and texture through curtains and accessories.

Our new house is starting to feel like home since we've painted over the wallpaper and murals, patched up the countless nail holes, and given everything a fresh coat of paint.

More photos coming soon!

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