Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staged to Sell

On September 3, our realtor arranged for a professional stager to come to our house. She gave us tips on how to declutter, create more space, and appeal to more buyers--all in a effort to sell our house faster and at a higher price!

Tal and I spent the last two weekends implementing the stager's recommendations:

1. Tal and I rearranged the living room. We put the entry table behind the sofa to add more lighting and to float the couch away from the wall. We removed the area rug to showcase our hardwood floors to potential buyers. We pushed the storage ottomans together to create a coffee table. We also added new pillows and accessories.

2. Tal and I moved the rocking chair from Savannah's room to the living room. The stager said this would unify the dark furniture in our living room. (I miss rocking Savannah in her bedroom at bedtime and during the night. We're still adjusting to rocking in the living room.)

3. In our master bedroom, the stager commented that Tal and I have large furniture (and a lot of it!). For that reason, Tal and I removed the linen cabinet and donated it to Goodwill. We also moved our dresser and bed to create more walking space. Surprisingly, our room seems more spacious!

4. Much to our dismay, the stager said we had to paint our master bathroom. Apparently, the light green color won't appeal to everyone. Thankfully, we had some leftover fireplace paint, which Tal used to repaint the bathroom.

5. We rearranged the office/guest room, so that you see a nicely made bed instead of computer wires when you enter the room. The new arrangement makes a better first impression and defines the room as a bedroom instead of a crowded office/guest room. We also removed a tall bookcase and donated it to Goodwill.

6. Our walls seemed bare after we removed our family photos and college degrees. For that reason, the stager suggested that we add some generic wall art in the entry way and dining room. Admittedly, some of the art doesn't fit our personal taste, but it was hard to find inexpensive wall art that we liked. :-)



7. I used baskets to organize our laundry room.

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Brenda said...

VEry nice! Great photos, too! I think it will sell quickly. You know how to do it.