Friday, March 12, 2010

13 Months Old!

I am 13 months old!

I love toys with music,
buttons, and lights.

I love to point at things,
especially at lights and fans.

I like sitting with Daddy
on the couch.

I don't eat much baby food anymore.
I prefer to eat whatever Mommy
and Daddy are eating.

I love to look out the window... to the birdies and bunnies,

...and pound on the window.

I love to take my pacifier in
and out of a cup!

I like lifting the flaps in my
Spot and Biscuit books.

I make a mess when I eat
corn on the cob--but I love it!

I like to play with my shoes...

...and put them in my mouth, too.

I've got rhythm like Daddy.
Look at me dance!

I like to play with Mommy's keys.

I love to clap my hands.

I'm not walking yet...

...but I'm really good at

...and pushing Grandma
Barbara's suitcase on the
hardwood floors.

I bring a lot of joy to
Mommy and Daddy!

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