Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 Year Old!

I turned 1 year old on February 12!

I weigh over 21 lbs. and
measure 30 inches long.

I've been wearing 12-18 month old
clothes since the end of December.

I like to take off my shoes and
put them in my mouth.

I like when Daddy carries me around
on his shoulders...

...or holds me upside down
for a couple seconds.

This week two of my back teeth poked
through. I now have 6 teeth!

I'm not standing or walking on my
own yet...

...but I'm really good at cruising
around the house.

A couple weeks ago, I figured
out how to open drawers...

...take out items,

...and throw them on the floor.

I always laugh when Mommy
and Daddy say "stinky,"


...or "ssssssss."

I like to play with the remote controls.

Sometimes I even change the
TV channels!

Mommy and Daddy are thankful
that I'm a healthy...

and happy little girl.

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