Friday, September 21, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

For the last 21 months, the medicine closet (in our master bathroom) has been a mess:


For a grand total of $12, I reorganized (and relocated) our medicine cabinet to make it more functional and pretty:


To begin, I cleaned out our closet and threw away expired meds, as well as items that we hadn't used recently. Then, I sorted the products into simple categories that make sense for our family. For instance, I put allergy meds in one basket and cold and flu meds in another:

To coordinate with our home's color scheme, I bought green and blue baskets from the Dollar Tree:

For labels, I bought 4 pieces of chevron scrapbook paper (for $4 total) at Archiver's. Then, I printed category names (sunscreen/bug spray, first aid, etc.) on 2x4 labels that we already owned:

I like how each basket has several spots, which makes it easier to organize items and keep them upright:

I've read that keeping one's meds in the bathroom decreases their effectiveness due to the bathroom's humidity. For that reason, I relocated our meds to one of our upper kitchen cabinets where our meds will stay dry and out of Savannah's reach:

Our family loves our newly organized medicine cabinet!

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Joanna said...

Thank for this. I have been trying to figure out a way to make it easier to find medicine. Especially when they are needed quickly.