Friday, April 6, 2018

Aruba Vacation 2018: Part 2 (Hotel Pool)

On Monday, April 2, we enjoyed swimming in our hotel pool. The pool was surrounded by palm trees, waterfalls, big rocks, and beach umbrellas. 

Grandma Barbara, Savannah, and Hadley

Iguana in the pool area

Grandma Barbara and Hadley

The girls and I took a break from swimming and made bead bracelets and necklaces:

Although we had a wonderful time swimming and relaxing at the pool, unfortunately all of us (except Grandma Barbara) got sunburned. Aruba is 800 miles from the equator. We didn't realize that we needed to reapply our sunscreen more often (every 30-40 minutes) since the sun was more intense in Aruba.

Ouch! We applied a lot of Aruba aloe to soothe our sunburns:

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