Monday, April 9, 2018

Aruba Vacation 2018: Part 11 (Seaworld Explorer)

On Wednesday, April 4, the five of us waited at the de Palm Pier until our boat arrived and took us on a ride on the Caribbean.  

According to our tour guide, the lighter turquoise water was sand. The darker turquoise waters indicated where the coral and seaweed were located.

After a 15-minute boat ride, we stopped near the California Lighthouse and got onto another boat called the "Seaworld Explorer."

The Seaworld Explorer was a semi-submarine. The top of the boat remained at sea level at all times, but the bottom of the boat sat 5 feet below the surface. 

During our 30-minute ride inside the semi-submarine, we looked through the windows and saw coral reef and sea life. We also saw remnants of the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean...the World War II German ship called "Antilla."

After we got out of the semi-submarine, Savannah, Barbara, and Tal had fun talking and laughing on the boat ride back to de Palm Pier and our hotel:

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