Saturday, February 10, 2018

Savannah's 9th Birthday Party!

 Savannah will be 9 on Monday, February 12!

This afternoon we celebrated Savannah's birthday at Tumble Gym:

Savannah's Birthday Party Invitation

Unfortunately, due to the sickness, 10 people (including Tal, Hadley, and Tal's family from Salter Path) were unable to come to Savannah's party. Tal stayed home with Hadley, who was sick with a stomach bug. Tal, Savannah, and I missed three days of work/school this week due to sickness, and Hadley was the last one to get the stomach bug:

 After the party, I asked Savannah what she enjoyed most about her party, and she said, "Everything!"

Savannah was excited that 9 kids from our school and/or neighborhood came to celebrate her special day. One of the advantages of having a smaller party was that Savannah was able to talk and play with all of her friends.
Krista, Savannah, Katelyn, Liza, Clarke, and Avery 

Krista, Savannah, Gabriela, and Barack

During the first hour, the kids had a great time playing on the trampoline, rings, and balance beam: 


Katelyn, Clarke, and Avery 


Alice, Savannah, and Great Grandaddy


After playing for an hour, we went to the party room for chicken nuggets, cupcakes, and presents:

Since we only had 30 minutes in the party room, we kept the food and decorations simple with gymnastics cupcakes and paper products:

Target cupcakes with gymnastics cupcake toppers

We sang Happy Birthday to Savannah, and she blew out her candle:

Savannah was blessed with many gifts, including gift cards, Shopkins toys, make-up, lip gloss, nail polish, jewelry, chocolate, mechanical pencils, and Rainbow Loom bracelets:


Princess Savannah

Lead for Mechanical Pencils

Hair Bows

Mechanical Pencils 



Thanks to Grandma Barbara for mailing Savannah's birthday gift. She loves her new winter coat. Savannah is excited that she has the same coat as her cousin Harper!

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