Sunday, November 5, 2017

Everyday Moments

These random iPhone photos are dark, blurry, and untouched,
but they capture everyday moments from the last couple weeks.

Last Wednesday, the girls and I went to our school picnic that was held at a playground in an apartment community where many of our students live:

Hadley enjoyed sliding down the slide:

Savannah was thrilled when she won a door prize...a book bag filled with school supplies:

Hadley's hair is long enough for a ponytail!

Last Friday, Savannah and Tal went to Breakfast with Dad at the Book Fair in my library. They bought some books at the Book Fair and then ate breakfast in the cafeteria before Tal headed to work. (Breakfast with Dad was a big success; we sold $3,000 in books at the Book Fair during the 45-minute event!)

Tal and I gave Savannah $20, and these were the books she bought at the Book Fair:

Hadley loves to ride in her stroller with Pinky while the neighborhood girls (Liza and Sky) push her around our house: 

On Friday night, the girls and I had a girls night while Tal went to an NC State basketball game with his work buddies. We played and ate dinner at McDonald's:

At McDonald's, the girls got free ice cream cones:

After dinner at McDonald's, the girls played in the mall play area:

On Saturday night, Savannah's friend Liza (who lives behind us) spent the night at our house. The girls built a blanket fort in our living room: 

Liza and Hadley hid inside the fort:

Hadley loved wearing her Thanksgiving outfit (from her cousin Harper) to church on Sunday:

Over the weekend, I put Hadley's 3T clothes in a storage container:

I went into our attic and got the container filled with 4T clothes:

I picked out 10 fall/winter outfits and put them in the bottom drawer of Hadley's "dresser" (the white plastic organizer) in our family closet. In the third drawer, I put some 4T shorts and short-sleeve shirts for warmer days:

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